Andi's New Friend

 by Sara M. 

One afternoon when Andi Carter arrived at school she noticed a very tall girl standing on the school steps. Andi watched her for a few minutes and was about to go over and introduce herself when the school bell rang. “I guess I’ll have to wait till later. “ thought Andi as she hopped up the steps behind the new girl. Andi found her seat and sat down. She looked at Mr. Foster and the new girl, “Ahem.” 

Mr Foster spoke up to get everyone's attention. “Good morning, today we have a new classmate. Her name is Sally Riverrode. Miss Riverrode, you may take a seat next to Andrea Carter. She will show you around school for the first few days. Okay?” stated Mr. Foster. 

Sally nodded “Yes sir.” she whispered. She looked around till she saw Andi waving her hand, 

“Here Sally.” Andi said.

Sally smiled bashfully and walked over to her and took her seat. 

“Class is in order.” Mr. Foster said and class began. Andi tried to focus but she kept thinking about her new classmate, Sally Riverrode. She had never heard of her last name but Andi did not think about it anymore and studied her lessons. 

After class was over and recess started Andi headed over to Sally when she heard Johnny Wilson teasing the new girl already. Since Sally was much taller than Johnny he was teasing her about her height. “Your head must be in the clouds.” he said laughing “What's the weather like up there?” he added.

Sally’s face burned with embarrassment as she turned away. “Johnny, stop it!” Andi took Sally’s arm and pulled her away to the side of the schoolyard. She was crying softly. “Sally? It’s okay. Johnny Wilson is a bully and did the same when I started school.” 

Sally nodded and kept her face bowed as she wept. She finally looked up “It’s so hard to start a new school mid term! I wish we did not have to move.” her shoulders shook, she calmed down after a bit and Andi introduced herself, 

“I am Andrea Rose Carter, but you can just call me Andi.” 

Sally looked up in surprise, “Your middle name is Rose?” she gasped. 

“Um, yea.” Andi said, confused. 

“My middle name is Rose too! Sally Rose Riverrode. Andi, thank you for helping me.” Sally added softly. 

“You're welcome. Come, shall we go play?” Andi asked.


As they walked back to the school Andi said “Sally? Don’t pay any attention to Johnny. He is for sure not the nicest person. Just ignore him.” 

Sally nodded. “I have a plan for the next time he tries to bully me.” she said.

 The rest of that day was good, Johnny minded his business and left Sally and Andi alone for the day. Andi had introduced Sally to her friends. They welcomed her and became fast friends. 

The next day at school Johnny decided to tease Sally again. She and Andi were standing together talking. “How’s the weather up there?” 

Sally sent a mischievous grin at Andi and replied to Johnny. “It’s good, thank you very much.”

Johnny frowned, no doubt he wanted Sally to cry again. He attempted again, “I wonder what’s it like being so tall, I bet you can never see where you are going because your head’s in the clouds.” 

Sally walked right up to Johnny, she towered over him. “It’s nice. I’m taller than you and that means I can boss you!” she took another step up to Johnny, who was starting to look nervous. 

“Un, I don’t think so.” he stammered. 

“I think so, no, I know so!’ Sally exclaimed, stepping closer to him.

Johnny looked around, searching for the teacher. Johnny was frightened of this new girl, Sally! 

“Don’t you dare tease me, or any of the class. Or…” Sally stepped closer again. She was over a foot taller than Johnny! 

“Y, y, yes S, S, Sally. He stammered and ran off, Sally laughed and turned to Andi and their friends who were staring open mouths. “No need to be so surprised, I just couldn't resist that. I don’t think he will bother me anymore and hopefully not any of you.” she said.

Andi and her friends agreed. 

A few days later Johnny had gotten over his fright and was going to pick on Sally. He sauntered over and said “Hey Miss Riverrode, are ya a’rivering down the river and riding the riverside Riverrode?” he said laughing

 Sally frowned, she had a plan. “No, Jonathan Wilson, I would gladly throw you in the river so you can go a’rivering.” Sally mimicked.

Johnny was shocked, not only did this new girl know his full name but threw his words right back at him! He frowned.

Sally kept talking “I won’t bother you if you won’t bother me Jonathan.” she watched him intently waiting for an answer. 

“Fine Sally.” he walked off. 

The rest of the term passed in peace.  Johnny kept his word and left Sally alone. Andi was very surprised, Johnny had never really kept his word before Andi had been tricked by him before and would never let herself get tricked again. (Price of Truth) Andi was grateful all was well! She had made a new friend!


  1. Great story! How old is Sally! She's very tall!

    1. Thanks Brianna! Sally was 14 and Andi was 12. :)

  2. Okay, makes sense Sally is older and taller :)

  3. Everything flows smoothly! That Johnny Wilson needs to stop being such a tease to the girls!😜


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