Circle C Early Beginnings Parts 3-4

 by Samantha Snow

Chapter Three, Muddy Mess

It was early spring at Circle C Ranch, around March/April the snow on the mountains was finally melting, and with all the spring rains everything was muddy. There were mud pits everywhere, the horses did not like it because it stuck to their hooves. Where the Circle C cattle where it was even muddier. That’s how Justin and Mitch got the idea to prank Chad. Mitch thought of it one evening while sitting on the porch with his family. He leaned over and whispered to Justin,

 “Justin, I have an idea. Come by the barn with me.”

 Justin gave him a funny look but came over with him. “What is it Mitch?”

 “I have an idea to get Chad all muddy! We can take up some grass over by the mud and lay it over a mud hole and get Chad to walk over it. What do you think?”

 Justin laughed, “I guess we can, but why though?”

 Mitch whispered in his ear “Chad dumped me into the horse’s water trough yesterday!”

 Justin grinned and gave a chuckle, then they went over to the muddiest area near the barn and picked out a hole, it was not too deep, only about a foot. It would work perfectly. They got a big piece of grass that had come up off the ground easily and laid it over the mud spot, they grinned at each other, the trap was set! They went back to the porch, they stayed there for a while before asking Chad to come to the barn with them.  He agreed and they walked over, the mud spot that was covered looked like hard ground so Chad had no idea it was even there. Justin and Mitch lagged behind them so Chad would get in the hole and not them.

 “Race you to the barn!” Mitch yelled and faked a start, it set Chad off and he ran, straight into the mud pit that was covered! He yelled as he fell, he sat up and glared at Mitch and Justin, “This is a prank, isn’t it? It’s so muddy!” He yelled.

 “Oh, we know!” Mitch said laughing.

A sneaky look came on Chad’s face, “Come and help me get out of this mess.” He said to Justin and Mitch.  They shrugged and held out their hands, Chad grabbed them and yanked them into the mud pit! “Got you!!” He said laughing,

 Mitch crawled out of the mud and had a handful of muck to throw at Chad, he stood up, aimed, and threw! Right at Chad. He howled, Chad grabbed more mud and threw it back, Justin joined, throwing mud and Chad and Mitch. 

 “Hey, you're supposed to be on my side!” Mitch yelled and threw mud at Justin too.

 Suddenly a deep voice from behind said, “What’s going on boys?” It was their father.

They froze, “Um. Nothing.” sputtered Mitch.

 “Oh, nothing now? I don’t quite agree, let’s see here.” James, their father leaned over and scooped some mud, he stared at them with a twinkle in his eye, then he threw the mud at them!



“What's this?!” 

Chad, Mitch, and Justin were shocked! They thought they were in trouble but instead mud was getting thrown at them, their father, James kept picking up more mud and was throwing it at them.

 “What goes around comes around you know!” shouted Chad, he got some mud too and hurled it at James, he ducked and kept throwing more mud, Mitch and Justin started throwing mud too. A handful of mud hit James right in the face! He started throwing mud even faster and then jumped right into the mud pit and slathered mud all over them!

 “Hey!” yelled Mitch, he took some mud and when Father was not looking he dropped it down his back! He spun around, who had done it? Mitch had jumped back down in the mud so he would not know who had done it.

 James turned from boy to boy, “Who did that?!” he said in mock anger, he was having a grand time with his son’s! Chad, Justin and Mitch broke down laughing, they were having fun too. Mitch turned and whispered to his brothers, James eyed them suspiciously, what were they whispering about? They all turned and looked at him, laughter in their eyes. Chad suddenly spoke up, “Father, look!” and pointed to nothing, James turned but did not see anything out of ordinally.

 All of the sudden he was doused in mud! Chad, Justin, and Mitch had ganged up on him and were throwing mud like crazy!  “What??!!” James said in surprise, he threw mud back at them.  They kept playing around for a while when they heard “What in the world is going on?!” It was Elizabeth, their mother. “When I sent you, James, to check what the boys were doing, this was not what I thought I would see.”

 James grinned, shamefaced “Un, we were just having some fun….” His voice trailed off.

 Elizabeth smiled, “Oh, you! You can get yourselves clean then come inside to supper.” She smiled and again and went back towards the house.

 “Aww boys we better get going in if we want any supper.”

 His son’s nodded, so they cleaned up and went inside to supper, they were having mash potatoes and chicken. Yummy! What a fun day they had!   


Chapter Four A New Child

It was a sunny May day at Circle C Ranch about a month later. James, Justin, and Chad were out in the barn caring for the horses. James said to his sons “I’m going to get some water, I’ll be back shortly.” and went out of the barn.


Katherine was getting ready for the day, she combed her hair and braided it then hurried downstairs, her mother, Elizabeth was due to have a baby in about a month so Kate knew she had to help her mother as much as possible. James, her father who was inside, called out to her, “Katherine! Good morning, sweetie!” 

“Good morning, Father! How is Mother this morning?’’

“She is doing fine, are you excited to have a new sibling soon?”

“Oh, yes! I sure am!” Kate answered,

 Her father smiled at her and went back out after getting a drink. Kate went to find her mother; she saw her in the sitting room resting. “How are you Mother?” Kate asked gently,

 “I’m doing alright, I think. I am starting to think this baby wants to come sooner than later.” Elizabeth said with a grim smile.

 “Are you sure you are alright?”

 Elizabeth nodded, so Kate left to fix breakfast for everyone. She decided to make pancakes and bacon, everyone liked that! Elizabeth moved to sit in her room. After breakfast Kate went to check on her Mother.

 She was leaning over, wincing, “Mother? Are you okay?” Kate asked.

 “You better tell someone to fetch Dr. Weaver. Get Father please.” Elizabeth said slowly. 

  Kate gasped “Is it the baby? I thought you weren’t due for a while yet.”  

 Mother smiled a small smile, “Babies come whenever they want, and yes, I do think it is the baby.”

 “Okay, I will tell them.” and rushed to do her mother’s bliding. She went outside, “Chad! Justin! Father!!” She yelled as loud as she could from the porch.

 Father came running out of the barn, Chad right behind him. Kate started issuing orders, “Chad, hurry and get Dr. Weaver! Hurry! Father, Mother needs you, inside come on!” Kate yelled running inside. Chad dashed back into the barn and got a horse and galloped to get the doctor. 


As Chad was galloping to the doctor’s his head swarmed with thoughts, is this about the baby? Why else would I be fetching the doctor so fast? Is Mother okay? The baby? I thought she was not due for a while yet. I better hurry…

 When he arrived at Dr. Weaver’s office he banged on the door, there was no response, he suddenly saw a note that said, Went to get lunch, be back within an hour. -Dr. Weaver Chad frowned, there was no time to wait! He had to find Dr. Weaver now! He ran back to his horse and mounted again, he decided to ride all over town till he found the doctor. The note said he was out for lunch, so I better check the restaurants and eating places. Chad thought and galloped to the closest one. He dismounted and looked around, no sign of the doctor so he jumped back onto his horse and hurried to the next eating place. He saw Dr. Weaver eating there through a window. Chad hitched his horse to the hitching post and ran inside. A waitress stopped him. “Young man, we don't allow kids to be running around in here.”

“I know, I just need the doctor!”

 “Oh.” Her eyes widened in understanding and let him through.

 “Thanks!” Chad called behind him.

 He reached Dr. Weaver, “Doctor Weaver, I was sent to fetch you, we need you out at the ranch, please come!”

 “Oh! Is it your mother?”

 “I think so, please hurry!”

 He nodded and one their way out he told a waitress he would be back to pay. “I have a horse over there,” and pointed to a pretty bay horse. 

 “Ok, I’ll get my horse.” Chad said and mounted his horse.

 “Lead the way, Chad. I will be right behind you.” Dr. Weaver said.

 Chad nodded and galloped all the way to Circle C Ranch, the doctor right behind him.                          


Meanwhile at the ranch

When Father ran after Kate he went straight to Mother, “Honey? Are you alright?” 

 She answered, “I believe the baby is on its way. Did someone go to get Dr Weaver?” 

 “Yes. Chad did. They should be here soon. Would you like anything? Water?” Kate asked.

“A glass of water would be great, thanks Kate.”

Kate nodded and got some water for her mother. She heard Father saying calming words to Mother. Dr. Weaver hurried in and asked “Are you alright Mrs. Carter?”

 “I believe the baby is on its way.”

 “I thought as much, let me get my bag.”

  He came and got his back off his horse’s saddlebags where he always had it and hurried back into Mother’s room. Kate fidgeted around. Would Mother be okay? She thought,

“Kate, I’m sure Mother will be fine.” Her brother, Justin said to her as he could read her thoughts. 

 Chad nodded, “I think so too.”

 Kate smiled at him gratefully, how lucky was she to have such good brothers! “Thank you, I hope so too.” she added “I better check on Melinda and Mitch, they are taking their naps. I’ll be back soon.” she said and started upstairs.

Melinda was fast asleep but Mitch was awake, sitting up in his bed.  “Hi Mitch, you couldn't sleep?” she asked softly.

He nodded, he looked tired so Kate decided she better help him fall asleep. “I’ll sing to you, maybe that will help you fall asleep. Okay?” 

“Okay” Mitch said and laid back in bed. 

Kate sang for a while and Mitch closed his eyes and finally fell asleep. “See you soon Mitch” Kate whispered and slipped out the door. She headed back downstairs where Justin and Chad were. 

“Mitch was awake so I stayed till he fell asleep again.” she explained when they wondered what took so long.

“Okay, we were just wondering.” said Justin “Come sit with us.” Chad nodded, “Yeah, come over.” He scooted over and made room for his sister.  Kate smiled and sat down, she leaned her head against Justin’s and smiled, how blessed was she to have such good brothers!  

A bit later she suddenly jerked her head up; Father had just come out of Mother’s room. He wore a big grin, “Kate, Justin, Chad! You have a new baby sister!” He almost shouted.

 “Yay! Another sister! How's she and Mother?” Kate asked 

 “Another sister? I was hoping for another brother!” Chad said, but Kate knew he was happy to have another sliding, girl or boy! 

“Awesome! Another sibling, great!” exclaimed Justin.

 “Mother and the baby girl are both doing good, want to come see them?” Father asked.

 All of them, Kate, Chad and Justin nodded. “You bet we do!”

 Father laughed and led the way into Elizabeth’s room. Dr Weaver was just opening the door to leave, “Let me know if there are any problems!” He called out and left. Kate hurried over to the bedside, “Hi Kate, Chad, Justin.” Mother said softly. She moved back the blankets so they could see their new sister.

 “What's her name?” Kate stared at her new sister. 

 “We aren’t sure yet, we are thinking maybe Jessica or Andrea. What do you think?” Elizabeth said.

 “Definitely Andrea, I love that name.”

 “I think Andrea fits her good.” said Justin, Chad nodded, “I think so too.”

 “What do you say James? Should Andrea be the name for our new little girl?” Elizabeth said.

 “I like the name too, Andrea it is!” said James happily. 

 “She was born three weeks early but she is in good health. Andrea is your name.” Elizabeth whispered to her daughter. 

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