Andi's Pony Trouble--From the Horses

By Molly

Note: this is a sweet rewrite of Pony Trouble, from the horses’ points of view. She even sent pictures.  
Chapter 1  Silly Andi (Coco)

What is Andi doing now? thought Coco. Andi was standing by the wall under a chart the says how tall you are. But, she was standing on her tiptoes. That is not how it works! Was she trying to prove she can have a horse of her own?
She never remembers to brush me or give me my hay, and one time she left me in the hot sun all day!
After a few minutes went by, Coco saw she was going to gather the eggs.
I am too scared to watch this! Coco thought. Uh, oh. Just as I thought.
Andi was getting chased by that big, mean rooster again. Now Riley’s was chasing the rooster with a stick.  
How interesting!

 Chapter 2 Andi’s Not So Great Idea (Coco)

Coco was on a happy ride with Andi and Riley and Midnight. Andi gave her reins to Riley, and soon Midnight started galloping!
Coco did not like to gallop, but he stayed calm. He was going to teach Andi a lesson. He dug his heels into the ground and stopped.
Andi kept on going and slid right over him and fell on the ground.
Then Coco yanked Riley off Midnight.
Problem solved.
Chapter 3 The New Riding Trick (Midnight)

Midnight heard a whistle. It was his master, Riley, calling to him. He galloped over to Riley.
Riley got on him and soon they were galloping around Andi. Riley stood on him and this made Midnight excited! He liked showing off his new riding trick! He held his tail and head up high.
Andi seemed to like it a lot. She looked surprised.

 Chapter 4 Left Behind (Midnight)

Soon it was time to go home. Andi rode on Midnight and galloped away! Coco couldn’t keep up with Midnight. Coco was sad and lost.
Meanwhile, Midnight saw Andi with a sugar cookie. He thought we would steal it from her if she didn’t protect it.
Midnight snapped up Andi’s cookie!
But Andi didn’t seem to care. She said she wanted to go find Coco. So, soon they were off to find him.
When Andi got off Midnight, she couldn’t get back on!
Midnight suddenly felt something pounce on him. He ran as fast as he could, and whatever it was slid right off him.

Chapter 5 Andi

It was very easy for Andi to get on Coco and go home. When Andi got home and told her mother what happened to her, mother said she was glad that Andi didn’t get hurt, so she didn’t yell at Andi after all.
Andi couldn’t wait for her birthday, and told her family every day for a week. That night she dreamed of her birthday, and in the middle of her happy dream Chad pulled off her covers and carried her downstairs, outside, and into the barn . . .
(Blah, blah, blah, let’s skip this stuff and get to the horses!)
A little baby horse looked at her new owner and she thought, She looks charming.
Then Andi said, “I’m going to call you Taffy.”
Oh, I like that name, the little foal thought.
Andi said, “We are going to be best friends.”
Yey, thought Taffy. Let’s be best friends. Woo-hoo!

Straight from the horse’s mouth!


  1. Well done Molly!!! The pictures are superb!

  2. Oh! So wonderful! I absolutely LOVE the pictures, and the story is, indeed, so very sweet! Write on!


  3. I am so proud of my girl Molly. She has been inspired to write over 10 books by her hero Susan!

  4. Aw, so cute Molly. I love those pictures!


  5. Awww, I love the stories and the drawings.
    Awesome job, Molly!! Keep up the great writing and artwork. :)

    -Sadie S.

  6. It was super sweet, Molly! Great job!