The Colts' Point of View


These are quick point of view scenes from Thick as Thieves from Shasta and Sunny's points of view. Short and sweet! 

Sunny POV
It was a regular night. My brother and I were sleeping with Mother and we, well, I saw someone.
 “Momma, Momma.”
 “Who was that?”
 “Probably just Andi, go back to sleep Sunny.”
“Okay.” I tried to sleep, but I couldn't.
“Rudy, get those colts over there. Jase get those and I'll get these,” said a man on another horse.
 “Hey you,” said one of the other horses.
 “Yes, you, get your brother and get over here.”
“No! Mother, wake up.”
Mother just slept.
“Come on.” The mean horse took Shasta and I away from Momma. Shasta and I cried until they made us stop. Then I cried on the inside. I'm sure Shasta did to.

Shasta POV
When the mean horse took me and my twin brother away from Mother they took us and a few other foals to a place where there were walls made of dirt that were really tall. We all stood there cold and frightened.
“Sunny, are you there?”
“ Yes, what is it Shasta? Are you scared? I am.”
“ Yes, Sunny, I am really scared. What do you think they are going to do to us?”
“ I don’t know.”
“ We need to be brave.”
“ That’s hard.”
“I know.” I am not so sure I am brave myself, but I didn’t tell Sunny. I have to act brave for Sunny. He is my little brother, well at least by a few minutes.

Sunny POV
It has been several days since I last saw Mother.
“Sunny?” asked Shasta.
“ Yes Shasta.”
“ Do you hear that?”
“ Yeah, It sounds like…”
“ Like that nice girl and a mean man, I think her name is Macy.”
“ Look, there is Andi!”
I couldn't be happier when I heard Shasta say that he saw Andi. I stood up to greet her. I heard yelling. Andi was riding Mother.
“Mother,” I shouted.
“Shhh, Sunny. You can’t talk or we might be caught.”
“ Yes Mother.”
Andi started gathering a few colt, including us, Shasta and me. Then all of a sudden there was a stampede.
“Children, run,” yelled Mother.
We ran out of the cannon. I thought I saw Andi on the ground as I rushed off, but it was probably just my imagination, being scared and all. Once we got out we headed home.

The black horse POV
          In all the rush, I tripped. I think I twisted my ankle. I was standing in the shadow of the canyon and Rudy, Jase, and what’s-his-name, oh yeah, Ty, the oldest talked. Well I saw a girl lying on the ground. They talked a while, well at least those men and a different girl.
Once they left I started back home to Flying F Ranch. I limped passed the girl. She said something, but I couldn’t make it out. Then I headed on my way. I don't know what happened to that girl. I hope nothing bad, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out.


  1. I don't remember the black horse in the story....

    1. Good catch! What about it, Jaylee? Is this one you created for your short scenes?

  2. Kinda... If I'm remembering right there is a horse that had a limp, but it didn't say it was black so I added on to give it more detail.

  3. Great story, I love it!

  4. Good job! I like the different POV's