The Iron Horse

 by Sara M.

“I wonder what’s faster, a horse or the iron horse?” Peter Wilson wondered aloud, 

“I’m not sure, I don’t think anyone’s tried that before,” answered Mitch Carter

“I know but I can’t help wondering.” Peter said

“Hey, you know what?” Mitch said slowly with a different look in his eyes, 

Peter frowned, Mitch couldn't be thinking what he thought he was! Or could he? “What, Mitch?” he asked suspiciously,

“The iron horse? I’m gonna race it!” Mitch exclaimed

“Mitch! You can’t be serious!” 

“I am and nothing you do will stop me, you can come along if you want though. I want to prove horses are faster than any ol iron horse and I want someone to time me. I am going to race with Chase.” Mitch said, staring at his friend.

“Oh no, Mitch. I’m sorry I even mentioned it.” Peter groaned 

“I’m glad you did!” Mitch said, “Want to come and time me?”

Peter sighed, “I guess so,” he said and followed Mitch out the door. Mitch had brought his horse Chasing After the Wind, or as Mitch called him, Chase. Mitch swung into the saddle.

 “I got to get a horse from the livery!” Peter hurried over and soon came out riding a pretty pale horse. “Ready?”

Mitch nodded and they rode to meet the 4:40 train. Peter rode to the crossing while Mitch rode way out to catch the train and race it to the crossing and beat it there. 

“It’s coming!” Peter yelled and he watched Mitch kick Chase into a gallop and race the iron horse! 

Mitch grinned as he raced, he saw many surprised looks and many people waved. Mitch kept spurring Chase and they slowly gained on the train til they were even. Chase put on a burst of speed and got ahead! He kept going and they crossed the tracks about 20 yards from the train! “Awesome! We did it, Chase!” Mitch whooped. 

“That was cool but don’t do it again!” exclaimed Peter when he caught up to them. 

“I won’t, I promise.” said Mitch “What’s the time?”

Peter looked sheepish, “I was so nervous I forgot to time you.” he said

Mitch threw back his head and laughed, “That’s okay, Peter. Let’s ride and cool of Chase,” 

Peter grinned, “Sounds good to me!” he said so they rode their horses till Chase cooled down.

“I better get back to town, I’ll catch you later, Mitch,” called Peter riding back to town.

 Mitch headed for the ranch. "I can’t believe I raced the iron horse! I wonder what the family will say," he didn’t have long to wait. 

 Mitch rode in the ranch yard, he saw the family waiting because he was late. “Mitch! You're here.” called out Melinda

“I am! Want me to tell you what happened today?” he asked

“Do I want to hear?” asked Mother

“Sure!” said Justin so Mitch told them “I raced the iron horse on Chase and he was faster!” he exclaimed

They were shocked! Mitch had raced the iron horse, whatever for? “Why did you?” Mother said

“I wanted to, Peter was there if you really wanted proof.” Mitch said

Mother was weeping, no doubt thinking how much danger Mitch was in. 

“I’m sorry, Mother, I won’t do it again.”

“You bet you won’t.” Mother’s voice grew stronger, “I will make sure you don’t,” 

“I can’t believe you did that!” shouted Chad who had finally come to his senses. “You are in big trouble,” he said, lowering his voice a notch.

“Yeah, Mitch, you know better. I’m going to take away Chase for a month for a reminder. Chad will give you many chores. You are not allowed off this ranch for one week. Understand?” Justin thundered 

Mitch answered meekly “I understand.” he said and was about to leave when he felt Justin’s arm around him, “Mitch, we care for you but we don’t want you to get hurt. Even though you are old enough to know better, why, you are almost 16!” Justin said with a smile. 

“Same here, Mitch,” added Chad 

Mother agreed. Mitch indeed had learned his lesson!


  1. You did a amazing job! God has given you a gift for writing Sara!

  2. Great story. I really liked it

  3. I love this story! Great job!😀

  4. Thank you everyone! :) I enjoyed writing this!


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