Virginia's Point of View

by Abigail D.

Virginia's Point of View From Dangerous Decision
When the Fosters are visiting the Carter's house.

“Would you like to see my room?” Andrea asked.
I gently pushed aside a piece of my fragile, golden hair. “No,” I answered as I smoothed my skirt. “I want to see the ranch.”
            Andi looked at me in a curious way.
“Now Virginia,” Mama started, tenderly embracing me in her arms while I put on a disgusted face, hidden by her hug. “You know you're not used to the climate yet. It's unbearably hot outside, and the dust will dirty your clothes. Perhaps you should stay inside with the others.”
Mama looked over at Mrs. Carter. “Later, Virginia has a musical piece to share. She plays piano so well.”
“That will be lovely,” Mrs. Carter agreed with a smile.
“Do you play piano, Andrea?” Mama asked.
I thought, Ha ha, Mama, very funny. Like Andrea Carter would know anything civilized.
“No ma'am. But I ride pretty well.”
Big mistake, I thought, watching Mama's smile fall slightly, I knew she was thinking of Father's accident. Mama was probably hoping that Andrea would be more ladylike.
“Perhaps you would like to practice your piece, Virginia?” Mrs. Carter asked, obviously noticing the tension that was in the air. “Andrea would be happy to listen,” she added, giving her daughter a firm glare.
“I sure would,” Andrea agreed. “Come on, Virginia. I'll show you to the--”
Nope. Here was my time to shine. I put on my best sad face and allowed my gorgeous, dark eyes to fill with shiny tears.
“No,” I said softly, sniffling a little for effect, “I want to go outdoors. Please, Mama. You never let me do anything. I really want to see the ranch. Please.”
Mama turned to Mrs. Carter. Anxiously she asked, “Is the ranch safe?”
“The Circle C is no more dangerous than the streets of Fresno. In some ways, safer,” Mrs. Carter assured Mama, “Andrea will see to Virginia's welfare. She knows the ranch well.”
“All right then,” Mama finally agreed with a little sigh, “But keep you sunbonnet on, Virginia. Your skin cannot take this harsh Western sun.”
“Yes, Mama,” I said sweetly, pulling up my bonnet and turning to Andrea. “Come on, Andrea. Let's go.”
I could tell Andrea was very unhappy. Good! That's just how I like it!
“I think I'd rather stay inside, Mother,” Andrea said.
Thankfully, Andrea's mother ignored her and she gently guided us out the door as she handed Andrea her black hat.
“Have a lovely time, girls,” Mrs. Carter said, smiling sweetly.
Oh, we will, Mrs. Carter, we will.
Finally! Freedom!